Season-less…..without rules!

Season-less…..without rules!
The wedding season is in full swing and I wanted to bring in colors with this lovely Indian outfit. I have always been vocal about fashion and when it comes to Indian wears I have never been very fond of trends. After all they are clothes and you only need to be comfortable and flow with it.

Fashion is a way of expressing your own self. Fashion cycles come and go every couple of years. No need to wait for someone to dictate what’s going to be in or out, we can define our own style. This post of mine reiterates the fact that wear whatever you want as long as you feel good.

The long skirt is a fabulously versatile piece that can be dressed up or styled for a carefree event. Flared style Indian skirt is the stuff of dreams for those who love extravagant fashion. This pink skirt is all about bright and bold statements.

To compliment it, is a subtle mustard top. The boat necklineis a beautiful modern look that really shows off my slim neck and shoulders. The mirror work at the neckline gives it the most flattering look. With a fluid and flattering crop top this skirt is the perfect piece to bring along for, as a bright occasion wear!

The voluminous skirt with a flowy top balances out my narrow upper body. The skirt has undergone several transformations and will continue to be re-invented in the times to come but will never become outdated.

Accessorize it with long pearl earrings with drop of pink pearls at the end. I am not very fond of necklace with such attire. But if you want to give it heavier look, choose a longer necklace with a pendant or a statement design. Wear it with high heels, Sandals or Mojris.
A style that is season-less!

Season-less…..without rules!
By Vriti.

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