White is absolute, Frilly Fairy!!

White is absolute, Frilly Fairy!!
As much as I love to know the stories of candle lit dinners, I have been as equally curious about what happens over the birthday weekend brunches. So glad, I am here for one with a new look!

Today’s look is all about frilly fairy, soft feminine vibes. White being the color of all seasons is my personal favorite. While we are all fans of bright candy catchy colors, white is simply…CHIC.

This is sort of a dress which does not shout loud but also ‘stands out’. Ladylike lacey neck is the star of the show. The romantic lace work at waistline has me even more enamored than usual. The length and fall of the little lady keeps it sweet and the shoulder neckline makes everything better!

Lucky aren’t we white will never go out of style.Whether you opt for a simple shirt dress, something a little bit bohemian or maybe more classic there’s always a fit to your style. White is ready to be adorned with whichever accessories you decide to decorate with.

Pairing a white dress with a white bag keeps the look modern and simple while giving a perfect backdrop. Keeping it simple with long pearl and stone earrings.

Let’s take our way down to the shoes and appreciate the neutrals. Just added this pair of sandals and love the nude color. This combination brings class and style to the look.

White is absolute, Frilly Fairy!!

White is absolute, Frilly Fairy!!
By Vriti

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