Back to school!

Back to school!
Hey, girl, hayyy, it was a day! I mean this Saturday I got to meet up with my favorite gal from school for a dinner and dance night at Noida. I’ll admit that I was pretty unfamiliar with the area beforehand, but now I have no doubt that I’ll be back. Neha and I went to the way too cool for school Skyhouse, and it was such a fun atmosphere.  The lounge had a great bar area serving cocktails to the city’s coolest kids, and the rooftop sitting provided a much-needed cool-down after a hectic day.

We basically showed up in different versions of ourselves.It is very confusing thing for every girl, when has to style a simple pleated skirt. Wearing it the same way every time is so not done. So here I am with the first look for any girl without any hassle to style and start with.

I introduced my two new favorites to each other and threw in a new drool-worthy look just for good measure. And now they seems to be the besties, my black blouse and cute little skirt.

You know when you find a favorite blouse, and you’re like, Ohhh, I’m gonna wear you a thousand times? Well, this one right here.  It’s light and smart without being too sheer, a goes-with-everything. Pairing it with a skirt, jeansand pants is so simple and straight yet gives a sexy appeal as well. I have an attraction for full sleeves blouses as they give my hands a smart look. 

Nothing says summer soirée better than a little box pleated skirt, but this amazing trench version really kicks things up a notch.  You already know I love any skirt, and when the skirt is school style, big buttons are a must. This red and black checked skirt makes me look much younger and sexier.

Also consider fabric.  For me, it’s definitely important to stick with heavy, soft yet stiff fabrics that keeps the skirt in place when you are displaying those sexy dance moves. Anything loose or flowy just turns into…not a good look, girl.  And if you’ve been dying to try out a box pleated skirt?  Well, you’re in luck, girl.

As it is the school chic look I preferred going with red lipstick only and no make-up. But make-up or no make-up I’ve got my new favorite skirt, happy hour plans tonight, and my bestie and all is right in the world!

Back to school!

Back to school!

Back to school!
By Vriti.

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